Warning of possible hidden cluster as U.S. sees 2nd coronavirus death

Source: CBS NEWS

With two deaths confirmed in the U.S. and scientists warning the new coronavirus could already have spread much more widely than believed in one state, the disease that emerged in central China was taking a mounting toll on American nerves by Monday morning. Stores in regions with COVID-19 clusters were selling out of basic goods as people stocked up.

The virus has now spread to at least 12 states, with almost 90 cases in all. Both U.S. fatalities were in Washington state — residents of a King County nursing home where dozens more were sick and being tested for the virus. Both of the victims had underlying health conditions.

The disease has killed more than 3,000 people globally and infected more than 88,000, with the vast majority of cases and deaths in China. While the number of new cases recorded daily in that epicenter country has declined for weeks, the virus continues spreading fast in South Korea, Iran and Italy, prompting increased travel warnings and restrictions.

coronavirus us.png, Mar 2020

coronavirus wash.png, Mar 2020