Hernando Fernandez: Latin America is Adopting Blockchain

Source: Newswires

MIAMI,, FL, USA, December 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Since 2019, Hernando Fernandez says cryptocurrencies have gained traction in Latin America. Previously shunned by investors because of their inherent volatility and out of fear of government intervention, cryptocurrencies now attract not just individual investors but also financial institutions recognizing a revolution in decentralized banking. Venture capitalists poured over $4 billion into blockchain in just the second quarter of 2021.

Latin America has become especially interested in cryptocurrencies, Hernando Fernandez believes. Cryptocurrency holds a special appeal for investors in Argentina and Venezuela, two countries that have experienced hyperinflation. For all their volatility, cryptocurrencies can be safer than national currencies. The crypto start-up boom has resulted in the creation of two unicorns capitalized not just to the requisite $1 billion but worth over $2 billion.

Here are key startups in Latin America Hernando Fernandez believes are worth exploring.