With AirTag, Apple’s best just isn’t good enough

Source: MacWorld

According to The New York Times, the Apple Standard is alive and well.

If you’re not familiar with the Apple Standard, well, where have you been? Not reading this column, certainly. Probably doing something productive like exercising or taking a correspondence course or something.

How dare you.

Anyway, the gist of the Apple Standard is that if Apple is being chastised for something, you can bet your Apple Cash balance that its competitors are way worse about that very same thing. (Notable exceptions include the App Store developer terms, Craig Federighi’s dad jokes and Eddy Cue’s shirt collection. Void where prohibited.)

After the recent press concerning AirTags being used for nefarious purposes such as theft and stalking, The Times’ Kashmir Hill tried tracking her husband (with his permission) using AirTags, a Tile Bluetooth tracker and a GPS tracker.