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On the absence of dialogue in polarized communities

    It's the typical Romeo and Juliet story.   Two communities, torn apart by rivalry and jealousy, are simply unable to have an honest and open dialogue where the other's views are listened to and...

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The unethical bureaucrat and the blind automaton

    For whatever reason, whether it be the professional malaise, political vengeance, or personal corruption, the unethical bureaucrat ends up violating the purpose for which they were put there in...

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Is the current economic crises a "crises of confidence" or a "crises of structure"?

    One might ask the above question of the existing debacle, both in Puerto Rico and the United States, whose answer will have important policy repercussions.  Is the current economic crises a...

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Hacia una teoría 'estructural' del cambio cultural

    ¿Como es que la infraestructuras afectan la manera en que miramos e interactuamos con el mundo? ¿Cómo es que afectan nuestra cultura, en el sentido mas general de la palabra?  El autor Daniel...

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Towards a 'structural' theory of cultural change

    How do infrastructures affect the way we look and interact with the world?  How do they affect our culture, in the broadest term of the word?  Daniel Headrick offers an insightful suggestion when...

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Carta abierta a Carlos Galliza (4 de septiembre de 2008)

Estimado Carlos Galliza,      En toda honestidad, ¿no cree que le debemos un poco de respeto y decoro a las generaciones que nos antecedieron--a aquellos viejos gladiadores que le dieron la batalla...

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On the Need for a 'Unified Theory

    Either side, business or ecologists, should not necessarily presume that to establish the ground rules is to predetermine the outcome.  The only thing being suggested is to formally, openly, and...

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When Cultures Collide: Business and Ecology in the New Century

    Samuel P. Huntington had it all wrong.  He characterized the twenty-first century as the clash of civilizations--as a clash of different worldviews aligned to particular geographical/cultural...

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