On the absence of dialogue in polarized communities

    It's the typical Romeo and Juliet story.   Two communities, torn apart by rivalry and jealousy, are simply unable to have an honest and open dialogue where the other's views are listened to and candidly considered.   Such is the animosity, that each side is unable to identify their common mutual interests which they in fact share.   Efforts to bridge the gap in order to unify those common interests are difficult, if not impossible, to achieve because of the constant tendency to misinterpret, malinterpret, or intentionally distort any information that is received.  Good gestures are perceived through the worst possible interpretation, further disrupting the possibility of dialogue.  This social tension can exist throughout the numerous planes of the human collective--institutional, religious, ideological, racial, and so on and so forth.   Instead of growing to a new hierarchical level of organization and structure (i.e. such as the evolution of the the nation state), the groups remain stuck in a continued and cyclical pattern of detrimental symbiosis.  It is perhaps no wonder that William Shakespeare's play 'echoes in eternity': the possibility of newness that is tragically unachieved.

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