Billion-dollar boost sought for Canadian science

Source: Nature

The Canadian government should increase its support for fundamental science by more than a third, from Can$3.5 billion per year to Can$4.8 billion, according to a long-awaited independent review of the country’s research priorities and funding.

“Major reinvestments are urgently required,” members of the panel, known as the Fundamental Science Review, said in a report released on 10 April. It also recommends the creation of several new bodies to coordinate and oversee government-funded research.

That advice might prove hard to swallow. While Canada’s three major granting agencies and a research-support fund received a record-breaking Can$95-million boost in 2016, their budgets stayed flat in the 2017 budget that the government released last month. The science review recommends increases for those three agencies, plus a handful of other programmes, that would amount to Can$325 million per year for four years.