Face of the woman who ruled Peru 1,700 Years ago revealed

Source: MercoPress

The face of the Lady of Cao, considered to be a queen who ruled northern Peru 1,700 years ago, was revealed on Tuesday thanks to 3D technology developed by private companies, as was a replica of her mummified body, appearing just as it was found in 2005 at the El Brujo archaeological complex.

 The Lady of Cao, who died at about age 25 after giving birth, was a woman with an oval countenance, a brown complexion and long black hair in two braids, according to the reproduction and the research work done by FARO Technologies, 3D Systems, Grupo Abstract and ARQ 3D.

The queen who held political and religious power in the Chicama River Valley had a diadem of gold on her head and wore a large V-shaped crown with the image of a puma in the center and a necklace with large beads, each bearing the same feline face.



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