Police Kill 28-Year-Old After 'Swatting' Call

Source: Gizmodo

A 28-year-old man was shot and killed by a Wichita police officer after a reported hostage situation call last night. At a press conference this afternoon, Wichita police said it was a false call meant to draw SWAT officers to the scene, an act known as “swatting.” It appears to have been linked to an argument over Call of Duty, although police have not confirmed that.
During a press conference today, Wichita deputy police chief Troy Livingston said the caller had reported a hostage situation. In the call, which was partially played at the conference, the caller said his father had been shot in the head and was not breathing, and that he had his family at gunpoint. He also claimed to have doused the house with gasoline.

“I might just light the house on fire, burn the whole thing down,” the caller told the dispatcher.



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