US jury considers glyphosate “a substantial factor” in causing human cancer

Source: Mercopress

A US jury has found that one of the world's most widely-used weed-killers was a “substantial factor” in causing a man's cancer. Pharmaceutical group Bayer had strongly rejected claims that its glyphosate-based Roundup product was carcinogenic. But the jury in San Francisco ruled unanimously that it contributed to causing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in California resident Edwin Hardeman.

The next stage of the trial will consider Bayer's liability and damages. During this phase, which starts on Wednesday, Mr Hardeman's lawyers are expected to present evidence allegedly showing Bayer's efforts to influence scientists, regulators and the public about the safety of its products.

The German company, which acquired Roundup as part of its US$ 66bn takeover of US rival Monsanto, said it was disappointed with the jury's initial decision.