American Scientists Bringing Animals Back From Extinction

Source: Ancient Origins


In a world where the delicate balance of nature is threatened by human activities, a group of American scientists has taken on an extraordinary mission. Hidden away within the walls of San Diego Zoo’s “frozen zoo”, a remarkable collection is being safeguarded, containing a vast array of living cells from endangered and extinct species. Established in 1975, this visionary project was conceived by Dr. Kurt Benirschke, who recognized the urgency of preserving these animals' genetic materials for future generations.

Now, under the expertise of Marlys Houck and Barbara Durrant, the frozen zoo has become the largest and most diverse collection of its kind, housing over 10,000 individuals and nearly 1200 species and subspecies. Through the power of freezing cells at bone-chilling temperatures, these scientists are holding these cells in suspended animation, their vitality waiting patiently to contribute to a groundbreaking solution - bringing species back from the brink of extinction.