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A guide to Plan S: the open-access initiative shaking up science publishing

Source: NatureIn 2018, an influential group of research funders announced a bold pledge: the scientists they fund should publish their peer-reviewed papers outside journal paywalls. The initiative,...

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Oldest DNA from a Homo sapiens reveals surprisingly recent Neanderthal ancestry

Source: NatureScientists have sequenced the oldest Homo sapiens DNA on record, showing that many of Europe’s first humans had Neanderthals in their family trees. Yet these individuals are not related...

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Evolution on the vine: A history of tomato domestication in Latin America

Source: PHYS.orgThe common cultivated tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L. var. lycopersicum; or (SLL)) is among the world's most widely grown vegetable crops, from big agricultural farms to heirloom grown...

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The fight against fake-paper factories that churn out sham science

Source: NatureWhen Laura Fisher noticed striking similarities between research papers submitted to RSC Advances, she grew suspicious. None of the papers had authors or institutions in common, but...

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