Pedro Albizu Campos Digital Resource Collection

 Pedro Albizu Campos Digital Resource Collection.

The digital resource collection includes images of all of Pedro Albizu Campos’ archival documents from his early years at the University of Vermont, Harvard College, and Harvard Law School. The collection also includes all digital images of his Harvard Alumni files as well as the archival documents of his wife, Dr. Laura Meneses del Carpio, from Radlciffe College. The birth date used is June 29, 1893. That was the birht date Albizu used in all of his university records and the date inscribed on his tombstone. Albizu Campos entered the University of Vermont in 1912 and was officially conferred his Harvard Law School degree in February 1923. The images of the archival documents are used with the permission and courtesy of Harvard University Archives (HUA). The archival documents are maintained by HUA, located in the Nathan Marsh Pusey Library at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The digital images were taken by Dr. Daniel Ibarrondo Cruz and this website is maintained by him for educational and research purposes.

* This Pedro Albizu Campos Digital Resource Collection is not intended to suggest or imply that Harvard University, Harvard Library, Harvard University Archives, or any other Harvard University-affiliated department or entity endorses, approves of, or participates in this project.