The Climate Deniers Have Won

Source: Gizmodo

At President Trumps’ behest, the US is joining Syria and Nicaragua in abdicating from the Paris Agreement, a coalition of 147 nations to combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions. While Trump faced heavy international pressure to remain within the agreement, from the Pope during his trip to the Vatican, China’s President Xi and European leaders during the G7 summit, the GOP overwhelmingly opposed Paris from the get-go. EPA head Scott Pruitt has long argued that the United States’ emissions reduction goal under Paris weakened the US economy.

“In order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens, the US will withdraw from the Paris climate acccord,” Trump said from the White House Rose Garden, promising to seek a “fairer” deal for the US. “We’re getting out.”

Ironically (or intentionally) it will take four years for the US to fully withdraw from the Paris Agreement. The language of the agreement prevents countries from beginning the formal withdrawal process until 3 years after entering it. We entered Paris formally in November 2016, meaning the US isn’t eligible to withdraw until November 2019. From there, the withdrawal period takes a year: the earliest we could fully withdraw is November 2020, as the elections are wrapping up.



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