Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Tagged by Source

Source: NASA

Carbon dioxide is by far the most prevalent greenhouse gas contributing to climate change - but where does it come from? New computer modeling techniques in NASA's Global Modeling and Assimilation Office allow us to dissect our atmosphere and understand some of the major contributors to this runaway insulator.

This visualization shows the carbon dioxide being added to Earth's atmosphere over the course of the year 2021, split into four major contributors: fossil fuels in orange, burning biomass in red, land ecosystems in green, and the ocean in blue. The dots on the surface also show how atmospheric carbon dioxide is also being reabsorbed by land ecosystems in green and the ocean in blue.

This view highlights what is happening over North America and South America. Some interesting features include a major pollution hotspot in the northeastern United States, and the fast oscillation over the Amazon rainforest as plants absorb carbon while the sun is shining and then allow it to build up overnight.


co2 atmosphere americas.jpg, Jun 2023