Renewed Construction, Activist Mobilization and Your Support

Source: Change.ORG

La Liga Ecológica Puertorriqueña del Noroeste, INC.
NOV 21, 2019 —

Dear petitioners,

Last week, construction work was renewed in Playuela without the visible permits (which expired in 2018). Complaints were made to the DRNA and the PR Police. Both bodies investigated briefly and concluded that "they do not have the power to intervene and redirected us to the courts." While our case in still in the Appellate Court, heroic activists have been onsite demanding to STOP machinery on a daily basis. For daily updates follow Salvemos A Playuela by clicking these links (Facebook and Instagram)

The controversial hotel project, Christopher Columbus Landing Resort has an outdated Location Query and Environmental Impact Statement (more than 20 years old). In addition, CMG presented false information to the  Environmental Protection Agency stating the area has zero endangered species (Fish & Wildlife Service declared this is untrue). They also have more than five complaints from the DRNA related to fires caused by criminal hand within their lands, which have repeatedly affected Palmas Sombrero groves, and other endangered species. More than 500 species of flora and fauna are also at risk. A dozen of them are endemic to PR and at least 8 are threatened or endangered species, including turtles and marine mammals, migratory birds and threatened corals. The latter live in critical habitat designated by the Fisheries Service (NOAA) in 2008.

In days when agencies in the island are more limited than ever, the community has been forced to endure bureaucratic processes and wait (since 2017) for the Appellation Court to make a decision about the legality of this project. Therefore, a call for mobilization in the area continues and is encouraged. We firmly believe everyone has the right to free speech and that it is one of the most important actions we can do together to win this fight.

Our lawyers submitted a new motion last week requesting an immediate STOP to all construction work in the area. We are currently waiting for the Appellation Court to announce their determination (should happen next week). In the meantime, please help us by sharing this petition and our counter proposal to designate this unique ecosystem as a natural reserve!

Thanks for staying in touch!