Huawei rolls out 5G tests in Peru

Source: Contxto

In Summary

While other major tech brands like Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, Panasonic and Intel have already cut ties with Huawei due to alleged security reasons, the Asian company is leading the race to install the majority of 5G network infrastructure in Peru.

Huawei started doing 5G trials alongside Entel’s network back in March. Last week, though, things got serious with the inclusion of Claro, the telecom giant owned by Carlos Slim. The trials were performed under the NSA standards (Non-Stand Alone) with FWA (Fixed Wireless Access).

At its peak point, the download speed reached around 3 Gbps, even faster than previous test trials.


The performances and live demonstrations prove that the technology is ready for implementation, according to Huawei Peru’s Vice-President, Xiaofan Chen. To be precise, this new generation will increase download speeds to between 1 to 10 Gbps compared to current fiber optic cable limitations.