Bhalai, The History of Mining and Geological Surveys in Jamaica (2023)

mining jamaica.png, May 2024

The History of Mining and Geological Surveys in Jamaica
By Suresh Bhalai
Springer International Publishing, 2023
Mining and geological survey work in Jamaica goes back several hundred years and was initiated by the Europeans when they colonized the Island. The year 2019 marked 160 years since the first Government-commissioned Geological Survey of Jamaica. This is one of the oldest survey activity of this type in the World! This book seeks to commemorate this heritage. It is one of the first books of its kind examining the evolution of the mineral sector and geological survey work of Jamaica, set in the framework of the Country's history of over 500 years. The Reader will explore a relatively unfamiliar side of the Country's development, linked to popular historical stories that shaped the Nation. The information presented are mostly documented in dated academic literature that are not gauged for a wide audience. This book however, aims to make this information accessible for a wider readership such as students, amateur scientist, non-professionals or anyone who wishes to learn about the rich history and heritage, and the contributions to national development from Europe and much later, North America.